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Professional Services for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Projects

Lexus Engineering Ltd. is a western Canadian based registered and accredited professional engineering company. We employ great talent to investigate, audit, design, and construct buildings & building systems.

We are Green Building Scientists, Engineers and Managers with tools - we don’t just sit in the office! We embrace LEED® and employ practical cutting-edge environmentally responsible engineered solutions. We would like to help everyone move towards a more efficient building in a cost conscious manner.

We operate three professional service divisions: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Building Inspections & Energy Audits, and Construction Management Services. We serve YOU the Property Owner, Lender, Manager, Tenant or Broker and collaborate and communicate well with all Design Professionals and Contractors and real estate industry participants including private and public companies.

Buildings and Building Systems are very diverse in their form, use and function and we have decades of experience creating and/or solving problems with all construction types, sizes and ages. From shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, apartments, apartment temples, churches, schools, hospitals, warehouses, to industrial process plants, storage facilities, indoor farming and greenhouses.

We are cost conscious and time efficient in our approach to your project and we only provide the services you need, at the level you need, and when you need them. We are flexible and provide services at any point in time along the acquire-design-build-operate-sell property life cycle. Depending on your needs we can start in the position of Prime Consultant then upon completion of design can progress to Construction Project Manager. This allows an owner one point of accountable and responsive administrative control while still receiving the benefits of full competitive bid coverage for all construction trades and material & Equipment vendors.


Lexus Engineering is proud to be a member of the following
Associations and Organizations


The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta regulates the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta.¹


APEGS regulates the practice of engineering and geoscience in Saskatchewan for the protection of the public and the environment and the benefit of society.¹


ASHRAE advances the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. With more than 55,000 members from over 132 nations, ASHRAE is a diverse organization representing building system design and industrial processes professionals around the world.¹


The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada.¹

1 – Sources: Descriptions taken from respective websites.

Strategic Partners


Eco Synergy offers a complete range of services in the areas of Energy Performance and Sustainability.

Greenhalls Sustainable Services

Greenhalls Sustainable Services are Energy Performance Specialists – Commercial, Light and Heavy Industrial.

Greenplanet Energy Analytics

Clean Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Solutions supported by Continuous Energy Monitoring.