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Our team includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Technologists. With varying years of senior and junior experience, our team members all share a common goal – to deliver quality work to our clients. Our skill sets are wide and diverse, but our key skill is critical thinking, to enable us to solve technical problems.

Collaboration is of the utmost importance. We work in an open-concept office where we openly discuss problems and solutions for current projects. We encourage suggestions and comments from all employees, whether the project is theirs or a workmate’s, and all contributions are carefully considered. The outcome brings innovative and creative solutions.

We work closely with our clients. At the beginning of each project, we spend plenty of time understanding what the client’s goals are and assessing requirements. The requirements are defined, then developed and refined as the project progresses. If we are not 100% sure about any aspect, we clarify with the client or go onsite to look. We never assume anything.

An important key in our workflow schedule is to thoroughly review every drawing for completeness and accuracy before releasing the final set to the client. Sometimes we send preliminary drawings (25%, 50%, 75% complete) to the client for review, knowing that it is not finalized. This is an important step, as it gives the client a chance to review the progress and make sure we are delivering what the client wants. This is the time to make adjustments while still early in the process.

Trust, Respect for clients and co-workers, Accountability, Collaboration, Open-mindedness, Analytical Approach, Clear Communication, Problem-solving, Peer-reviews … these are all part of the Lexus Engineering culture.

We provide solutions that we are proud of. We want clients to hire us again for their next project, and to refer us because we have exceeded their expectations.

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