Project Management, Owner’s Representative, Project Delivery Models and Qualifications Based Selections


Project Management

We offer Project Management as a service. We have been hired by some General Contractors and Owners to provide PM services for some one-time projects where our background is a good fit for that project. The list includes Suncor, Husky, TransAlta, ABB, BC Hydro and Orbis Engineering.

When providing this PM service, we do not provide engineering services, as it would be a conflict of interest.

Owner’s Representative

Project owners may lack the time and experience to ensure that the project is on track, so they hire representatives, who are knowledgeable about the process, to help.

In this role, we represent the owner throughout the entire process of a project. We serve as a liaison to ensure that the owner’s best interests are carried out at every stage of the project. Some of these tasks include ensuring that the project scope is carried out on time and according to budget. Lexus can help with bidding processes, project mitigation, monitoring scheduling and costs, and more. We stay in constant contact with owners and report on project issues and progress. This is a monitoring role; it is not Project Management.

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

QBS is an objective, flexible, and competitive procedure for obtaining professional engineering services. It is a step-by-step process that facilitates the selection of the best qualified and most compatible firm for a specific project.

Although price is an important component of procurement, considerations should include personnel and team or corporate experience, local knowledge, innovation, past performance, schedule and availability.

The Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) endorses the QBS process.

Project Delivery Methods

An appropriate Project Delivery Method is imperative to maximizing the probability of success. The strategy is dependant on the size and complexity of the project – one size does not fit all. For a simple Tenant Improvement, a modest amount of planning is required, but for a larger multi-million project, the Front-End Loading (FEL) phase involves many factors and can last months or possibly years before execution begins.

However, in every project, large or small, the Project Owner’s requirements and goals must be clearly understood, and the Project Delivery Method must align accordingly.

Project Delivery Methods describe how the participants are organized to interact, transforming the Owner’s Project goals and objectives into a finished Project. The following are the most common methods that Lexus Engineering uses, for small and medium projects.

Design-Build (DB)

DB projects have a single point of accountability to the Owner for both design and construction services. Typically, the owner hires a Contractor (or GC), who in turn, hires the design professionals (Architect, Engineers) as required to complete the design documents, and then proceeds to construct (or the GC hires contractors to construct). The owner will mostly interface with the Contractor (or GC), except for some design meetings at the start of the project. DB is aka "The Turn-Key Approach".

Design Build process for small projects


Design Build process for large projects


Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

In this approach, the design team (Architect, Engineers) works directly for the owner, and produces a set of construction documents that are used as the basis of a competitive bidding process.

Usually lowest price wins, which may lead to other issues, qualifications should always be part of the selection process.

The owner has separate contracts with the design professionals and general contractor.

Design Bid Build process


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