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Project Summary

This client was preparing to build a new cannabis grow-op facility. They had already engaged an engineering firm to design the mechanical and electrical systems. The client was not comfortable with the mechanical design and was looking for a better approach. They hired Lexus Engineering (LE) to review the design and provide an assessment. LE pointed out several problems with the design and suggested a better approach, much more energy efficient, environmentally controllable, less susceptible to pathogens, and no odours. The client hired LE to complete the Mechanical design, including VRV design, air filtration, boiler design, lighting design, pressurized zones and drainage.

The resulting performance of this facility was that the mechanical system now uses approximately 60% less power than the previous design, and the control system has excellent accuracy with the humidity and temperature (VPD Control).

During this design, we created a tool based on the Penman Monteith equation to model the evapotranspiration for various conditions.

The exhaust system was designed to eliminated all odours. This was important, as the facility is located in an area with several neighboring businesses.

For the Lighting design, we worked closely with Cannabis Lighting experts to select the best lights to match the room configuration and owner’s budget.

References: GAP – Good Agricultural Practices, GPP – Good Production Practice, ASHRAE 62.1 – Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality , VPD – Vapour Pressure Differential control, Penman Monteith Equation – used to approximate the net evapotranspiration, VRV – Variable Refrigerant Volume, UV – Ultra Violet Lamps, Cannabis and Horticultural lighting, many more …

Mechanical Cannabis facilities Lexus Engineering
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Grow Room Lighting Design-2 Shelf Stacked Design

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