Multi-Residential Project

Disciplines: Mechanical & Electrical

Location: Edmonton
Specialty: NECB Compliance

McConachie Skylark Multi-Residential


Royal West Homes is one of the many builders in the new McConachie community where active living and a sense of community come together to offer the best of Edmonton. Diverse communities are made up of diverse populations living in a variety of homes, such as single homes, townhomes, and multi residential complexes.

Royal West Home is creating the 23 buildings that will be home to 132 families in the new neighborhood. The buildings will have a 7, 6, or 4 units, standing 3 storeys with no basements. Large units for comfortable living but smaller complexes so you get to know your neighbors.

Project Goals

To support the completion of 23 buildings using our subject matter expertise in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering. To support Royal West homes in the interpretation, design, installation and compliance with the NECB codes.

Our Solutions

We wanted to create a simple, attractive space for the new homeowners by designing the ventilation systems with reduced bulkheads and shafts. The location of outlets, lighting and duct work were optimized to create a functional space.


Accomplishing a project of this scope is a not without its challenges. Excellent communication and coordination across multiple stakeholders, such as Royal West Homes, the architect, the structural engineers, and mechanical and electrical contractors allowed the project to progress smoothly and on time. To date, we have completed 2 of the 23 buildings with Royal West Homes, and we are excited to continue to be part of creating the McConachie community.

References: NECB, AB Building Code, National Fire Code, ASHRAE 62.1, Canadian Electrical Code

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